Marsh Creek 4

Acreage 2.65 acres
Watershed Upper Marsh Creek 
Vegetation habitats Riparian woodland and scrub, and oak woodland 
Ownership Protected by Save Mount Diablo since 2008


Marsh Creek 4, located off Marsh Creek Road, is connected to Marsh Creek 2 by a seven-foot tall cattle tunnel. The Marsh Creek 4 property occupies a large portion of floodplain and contains an 800-foot section of Marsh Creek.

In 2018, the Marsh Fire blazed through the property, destroying a gazebo and scorching a restoration site. Fortunately, the resilient vegetative community is returning. Coupled with additional restoration efforts, what was once a monoculture of annual weeds is becoming a biodiverse habitat.

Some native plants that have been replanted on the property include California sagebrush (Artemisia californica), toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia), and blue wild rye (Elymus glaucus) in the floodplain and California blackberry (Rubus ursinus), willows (Salix sp.), and hedge nettle (Stachys rigida) along the creekside slopes.

The properties have the potential to be part of any future trail system along the Marsh Creek corridor, and may connect to East Bay Regional Park District’s Clayton Ranch and Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve to the north and Mount Diablo State Park to the south.

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