Insights from the Fire Zone

A golden eagle landing in Panoche Hills

With the help of ranchers, naturalists, scientists, and land managers, this series explores life in California’s inland Coast Range after 2020’s huge SCU fires. From Morgan Territory to Pacheco Pass, the series takes you to places off the beaten track for most Bay Area people, yet deeply connected to places they already love.

Want to learn where to find the region’s most spectacular post-fire wildflower displays? Wonder about the effects of climate change on the region’s plants and animals? Want to know how Californians can live sustainably in a fire-prone future?

Join us in the fire zone, for Diablo Range Revealed! Presented by Save Mount Diablo with special thanks to Margaret Kruse, Connolly Ranch, Bay Nature magazine, East Bay Regional Park District, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, California State Parks, and Pine Ridge Association.

In March 2024, Save Mount Diablo released an 83-minute film about the Diablo Range, entitled Fire, Drought, Rain and Hope: Three Wild Years in the Diablo Range.

Learn more about the Diablo Range. In early 2024, Save Mount Diablo expanded its work to cover all 12 counties that cross the Diablo Range.

*The SCU Lightning Fire Complex was the third-largest wildfire in California history until the Dixie Fire surpassed it in August 2020. Old articles still refer to the SCU fire as the third-largest wildfire, but as of now, it is the fourth.

Diablo Range Revealed Episodes

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