Henry W. Coe State Park: Hunting Hollow

Explore the south side of California’s second largest state park via Hunting Hollow Road.

Photo: Yellow mariposa lily with a caterpillar by Bruce and Joan Hamilton

Distance: Six miles

Elevation change: 417 feet

Difficulty: Easy

Hiking time: Three hours

Trail surface: Dirt fire road

Best seasons: Winter, spring, and fall

Managing agency: California State Parks

Hours: 8 AM to sunset

Parking fee: $6

Trailhead location: Hunting Hollow Entrance


Hunting Hollow is a relatively flat, six-mile dirt road located at the southmost point of Henry W. Coe State Park. It ends at Wagon Road near the border of the park.

Hikers can stay on the road or travel onto one of the more challenging ridge trails that start here. The Middle Steer Ridge trail and the Lyman Willson Ridge trail can be accessed two-thirds of a mile into the trail, by the windmill.

The trail can also be extended onto Wagon Road and Phegly Ridge Road, adding a few hundred feet of elevation and some beautiful views to the trip.

In the spring, the Hunting Hollow area blooms with an assortment of wildflowers. So, if you’re looking for a lush wildflower viewing trail, this is the place to be!

Photo by Bruce and Joan Hamilton

There’s no running water available at the trailhead, so remember to bring water before heading here. Expect the area to be quiet and primitive.

Henry Coe State Park is known for its abundant wildlife, with about 170 species of birds reported. Bring your binoculars and enjoy your journey through Hunting Hollow.

Photo: Wildflowers in Henry W. Coe State Park by Bruce and Joan Hamilton

Top photo: Henry W. Coe State Park by Bruce Hamilton

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