50 Years of Save Mount Diablo Podcast: Save Mount Diablo’s Future

Cardinet Oaks at Concord Mt. Diablo Trail Ride Association

This year, Save Mount Diablo is celebrating its 50-year anniversary. What will the next 50 years have in store?

There are many new challenges that the organization faces. As climate change becomes increasingly acknowledged as the world’s greatest threat, what can Save Mount Diablo do to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis in the Diablo Range?

From protecting land and biodiversity in the entire Diablo Range to mitigating the impacts of climate change to expanding partnerships, Save Mount Diablo still has a lot of good work ahead.

This episode asks: what challenges does Save Mount Diablo face today? What can Save Mount Diablo do about climate change? What does the future of Save Mount Diablo look like?

Even more amazing, in the face of so many momentous challenges like the climate crisis, why does the Save Mount Diablo team remain endlessly optimistic?

Tune into the final third episode of the Berkeley Remix, “Save Mount Diablo’s Future,” to find out.

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Top photo by Stephen Joseph

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