Mangini Ranch Rangeland Restoration

Region Northern foothills of Mount Diablo in the Walnut Creek watershed
Habitat Type Grassland, Pond
Owned By Save Mount Diablo
Partners Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Description Plant native bunchgrasses, oaks, and red willows in the Galindo Creek riparian corridor; weed, water and provide protection for plantings; remove silt from stock ponds and seed pond beds with native plants to provide more water and food for native wildlife.
Project Started 2011
Goal Enhance habitat for California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, Alameda whipsnake, American badger, western burrowing owl, prairie falcon, golden eagles, and other special status wildlife that have been confirmed on site; provide more water and food for all native wildlife
Special Details Mangini and the adjacent Lime Ridge Open Space are the northern-most locations for desert olive scrub. Desert olive in association with the rare Hospital Canyon larkspur and a rare coyote thistle and both are found on Mangini. The dense desert olive thicket on Mangini also protects a spring that is a year-round source of water for wildlife. In 2016, the Mangini pond was cleared of years of silt build-up and reseeded with native plants just in time for record rainfall to fill it to capacity. Both sites provide water into the dry season so that amphibian larvae can complete metamorphosis.

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