Ready to start your next adventure? We have a number of guides available in different formats to introduce you to some of the best-kept secrets in the East Bay Area.

Trail Map

Our latest trail map featuring Mount Diablo, Los Vaqueros, and surrounding parks is free.

Get instructions for obtaining digital or paper copies of the map.

Audible Mount Diablo

Audible Mount Diablo offers multimedia tours and guided hikes on and around Mount Diablo. To view the full playlist, please visit

If you would like to download and take the audio guides with you offline, please visit Audible Mount Diablo’s Libsyn site. Please note that this site is not as comprehensive as the other website.

Plants of Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo is home to many rare and endangered plant species, some of which are only found on the mountain. Check out our Plants of Mount Diablo page to learn about these plants and see which are in bloom the next time you visit Mount Diablo.



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