Curry Canyon Stock Pond Restoration

Region Curry Canyon in the Marsh Creek watershed
Habitat Type Ponds
Owned By Save Mount Diablo
Partners Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Description Removal of silt from stock ponds and building a spillway with rip rap from the main pond into the lower pond
Project Started 2016
Goal Enhance habitat for California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, Pacific pond turtle, Alameda whipsnake and other native special status wildlife that have been confirmed on site
Special Details The old stock ponds at Curry Canyon Ranch were so silted up that their capacity to store rainwater was minimal, and annual flooding caused erosion of embankments and spillways. Mining haul trucks carefully navigated ranch roads to dump loads of boulders to provide the infrastructure for stabilizing the ponds and heavy excavators removed enough sludge to fill most of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Now the ponds can hold water late into the dry season so that native amphibian larvae can complete their metamorphosis, and all wildlife benefit from the additional water supply.

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