January Storms

Curry Creek along Curry Canyon Rd

Over the past few weeks we have received some much need precipitation in the Bay Area. January has been reminiscent of winters of the past – ones which were characterized by back to back storms soaking our hillsides, filling our reservoirs and  dropping snow in the Sierra.

Needless to say the rain is a welcome sight! That being said the impressive rainfall has resulted in numerous earth-flows, floods,  clogged culverts and erosion issues. One of our neighbor’s pickup trucks was actually swept down Curry Creek! (He is okay). We  appreciate everyone staying put and letting conditions stabilize before checking out any properties. Furthermore we appreciate  folks who stepped up to assist an emergency workday clearing problem areas. Thank you stewards!


Curry Creek along Curry Canyon Rd

Slump at Curry Canyon Ranch

Marsh Creek at Big Bend

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