Short Spike Hedge Nettle

Common name: Short spike hedge nettle
Scientific name: Stachys pycnantha
Plant family: Lamiaceae
Origin: California native
Duration: Perennial
Flower color: White/pink
Plant type: Herb
Habitat: Riparian, wetland

Flower attributes: Inflorescence is a single cluster or interrupted series of a few clusters of flowers, with up to 12 flowers per cluster. The petals are white to pink and borne in a hairy calyx of sepals.
Leaf attributes: Leaves and stems are airy, glandular, and very aromatic. Leaves are opposite, lance-shaped, and borne on short petioles.
Light: Morning sun, part shade
Soil: Clay; alkaline; can tolerate poor, boggy soils; prefers not well-draining soil

This fuzzy, light-green plant is great for butterfly gardens! Short spike hedge nettle is a spreading plant that likes wet spots, like pond edges or creek banks. It’s winter deciduous, so it will lose most of its leaves when the cold hits.


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