Save Mount Diablo March Stewardship Update

Here’s an overview of some of the stewardship activities we were up to during the previous month.


Weeding and Mulching at Big Bend DiRT Day


Some of the volunteers at our February 19 workday pulled out milk and bull thistles. Milk thistle gets big and bristly, so it’s important to get rid of as much of it as we can now. It chokes out other plants, in part by depriving them of light. And once it’s grown big and tall, it’s a fire hazard.

Other volunteers worked on weeding and mulching around plantings and on the path we’ve been creating. Weeds had sprouted up where we had mulched before, so we pulled them out and reapplied mulch.

Thank you to all of our dedicated DiRT, stewardship, and IPM volunteers! We are so grateful for your steadfast support and commitment.

Monitoring Marsh Creek

On February 22, our volunteers went out and visited all of our properties that have sections of Marsh Creek on them. They looked to see if there had been any changes to the creek. We submit this information monthly to The Watershed Project.

Removing Wallpaper at Curry Canyon Ranch

February was an incredibly rainy month! We had to cancel many of our stewardship and IPM workdays because of the rain. If there is a lot of rain, it makes the ground very soft; it can be unsafe to be under trees.

And so, we worked indoors. We went to the field station at Curry Canyon Ranch and started ripping out wallpaper. It was much more difficult than we expected because the wallpaper had been glued directly onto sheetrock. We may need to change our approach in order to finish the project. Stay tuned!

Join us to save the remaining natural lands of Mount Diablo!

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