Predatory Behavior and Cyanide Resistance of Millipede-Hunting Beetles (Promecognathus) in the Diablo Range

Brandt Weary, Entomologist, received a 2018 grant from Save Mount Diablo’s Mary Bowerman Science and Research Program and presented his research at Save Mount Diablo’s 5th Annual Mary Bowerman Science &  Research Colloquium in December 2018.

Weary summarized his results as follows: Promecognathus ground beetles from the Diablo range specialize on hunting millipedes that are chemically defended with cyanide. These beetles utilize a unique hunting behavior to subdue their toxic prey, which we have captured on video for the first time. Promecognathus is also the first-known predator to display resistance to cyanide.

View Weary’s presentation on the predatory behavior and cyanide resistance of millipede-hunting beetles in the Diablo Range here.

Check out Weary’s video of millipede-hunting beetles:


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