Mid Year Appeal

Chances are you live in close proximity to Mount Diablo and have special connections to the mountain.

For those of us in the Bay Area, in particular, the mountain is a ubiquitous part of the landscape. Mount Diablo is such a defining feature of our community that we sometimes forget how thoroughly it is integrated into our lives. We see it every day and take for granted its proud mantle of green and gold, its changing faces and colors, and the multitude of fellow creatures sheltered within its hills, trees, creeks, and canyons.

But Mount Diablo offers so much more than a stunning view. The mountain is a vital part of keeping our community healthy. The mountain provides spectacular wildflowers, dense vegetation sheltering wildlife, fresh water for plants and animals, oxygen for the very air we breathe, and boundless recreational opportunities to help keep our bodies and our spirits fit. When we connect with the mountain, when we foster the bond between ourselves and the natural world at our doorstep, the health and well-being of our community is made stronger and more vibrant.

Save Mount Diablo offers many opportunities for communing with the mountain, ourselves, and the natural lands, flora, and fauna that make up its unique ecosystem. For example, our volunteer stewards, a dedicated and hardworking group, commit hours upon hours of their time to care for the land Save Mount Diablo oversees. From removing invasive plant species to repairing fence lines, this hearty cadre of individuals gives so much of themselves. They will tell you that the time they spend on the mountain is one of the most rewarding and energizing ways that they have found to “give back” to the community.

Actually being with the mountain requires a decision to go there. Once there, a visitor transforms into an engaged member of the Diablo community. When we do this collectively, with friends or family or even a random bevy of like-minded hikers, we form a new group identity touched and nourished by the mountain.

Experience this magic often enough, and the question begins to form, “What can we do for the mountain?” Indeed, this is the sense of mutual care that marks every healthy community.

Today, we invite you to make the most generous gift you are able to Save Mount Diablo so that we can continue to protect, restore, defend, and enjoy the aweinspiring Diablo wilderness. Your contribution will be put to good use immediately. We have, with your help, permanently protected thousands of acres of land.

But, as a community, there is much more that must be done. Another roughly 70,000 acres is still threatened by development. Please join us in doing all that you can to ensure that we have a healthy, vibrant community caring for the future of Mount Diablo for generations to come. For now. Forever.

Join us to save the remaining natural lands of Mount Diablo!

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