Addressing Climate Change through Education and Training New Docents

a line of people hiking on a single track trail

Training New Docents

Earlier this month, 17 new Mangini Ranch Educational Preserve docents joined us for a training and hike around the preserve.

These new docents will be indispensable in running our educational programs at Mangini Ranch. They had the chance to take in the splendor of this property while preparing for their new positions.

the new docents taking a hike through the preserve

Photo by Ted Clement

Docents will assist groups by opening the gates and facilitating an excellent experience for all visitors. They’ll ensure that each group receives first aid in emergencies and will be available to communicate via radio for the duration of each visit.

Visitors at Mangini Ranch will be able to learn more about our work and the property from our newly trained docents. Some docents will even lead hikes for groups that want a hike leader!

We’re so excited to provide access to more community groups that want to enjoy Mangini Ranch.

Mangini Ranch Educational Preserve

Save Mount Diablo’s Mangini Ranch Educational Preserve is available for reservations free of charge to a variety of local schools and community groups.

The diverse types of groups that have reserved Mangini Ranch so far include

  • High school environmental science classes
  • Hiking groups
  • Alumni groups
  • Homeschooling groups
  • Birding groups
  • Families
  • Homeowner associations
  • Churches
  • Plein air painting groups
  • Landscape photography groups

We encourage any community group that wants to experience this property to make a reservation.

Combatting the Climate Crisis through Education

One of the main objectives of our Climate Action Plan is to connect an informed and diverse group of people to nature. We believe that this will ultimately help us to better implement meaningful local climate solutions in the long term.

In an age where humans sometimes seem to be becoming an “indoor species,” it’s important to implement programs that connect people with the outdoors. That’s where we come in.

We’re working to provide meaningful and fun experiences in nature that will help people to build a love for nature. Programs such as our Conservation Collaboration Agreement program and Discover Diablo program provide experiences that help a diverse range of community members value nature.

docents sitting in a circle listening to sean burke talk

Photo by Ted Clement

By experiencing our Mangini Ranch Educational Preserve, visitors will be able to enjoy nature with a group. This outdoor time is significantly beneficial for the physical and mental health of all visitors, especially children.

Studies have shown that, on average, children in the US have four to seven minutes of time in nature a day. That’s less time than prison inmates.

We’re working to give the next generation access to the outdoors, so they can build a connection with nature.

adults and children hiking through mustard flowers in spring

Photo by Scott Hein

Top photo by Ted Clement

Join us to save the remaining natural lands of Mount Diablo!

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