August 2020 Articles

Hospital Canyon Larkspur

Common name: Hospital Canyon larkspur Scientific name: Delphinium californicum ssp. interius  Plant family: Ranunculaceae Origin: Native Duration: Perennial Flower color: White/purple Plant type: Herb Status: California Rare Plant Rank 1B.2 1B: Plants rare, threatened, or…

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Scarlet Monkeyflower

Common name: Scarlet monkeyflower Scientific name: Erythranthe cardinalis (previously Mimulus cardinalis) Plant family: Phrymaceae Origin: California native Duration: Perennial Flower color: Red Plant type: Herb Habitat: Usually found growing in seeps or springs, or along…

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Poison Oak

Common name: Poison oak Scientific name: Toxicodendron diversilobum Plant family: Anacardiaceae Origin: California native Duration: Perennial Flower color: White Plant type: Vine/shrub Habitat: Grows in a wide range of habitats, including open woodland,…

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Common name: Doveweed (or turkey-mullein) Scientific name: Croton setiger Plant family: Euphorbiaceae Origin: California native Duration: Annual Flower color: Green Plant type: Herb Habitat: Open, sunny areas. Likes disturbed sites, such as…

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