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Save Mount Diablo is a member of a number of land conservation organizations:

Bay Area Open Space Council

Bay Area Open Space CouncilThe Bay Area Open Space Council is a collaborative program ofpublic and non-profit agencies and organizations, providing regional leadership and expertise for the preservation and professional management of important open spaces in and around the cities of the San Francisco Bay Area. A primary objective of the Council is to enhance the region's quality of life, by articulating the region's vision of which lands should be protected as open space through public ownership or conservation easements, and by developing financial and organizational resources to implement this vision.

California Council of Land Trusts

California Council of Land TrustsThe California Council of Land Trusts acts as a unified voice for more than 150 land trusts working in local communities throughout California. Together, land trusts share a common vision for protecting the best of California -- natural areas, farmlands, parks, and clean water and air.

Land Trust Alliance

Land Trust AllianceThe Land Trust Alliance unites and champions organizations in local communities from all over the United States working to save natural areas. Because of our innovative work: More landowners choose to protect their land. Conservation leaders are more effective at saving land. Strong nonprofits and legal systems are maintained to protect land in perpetuity. The public commitment to conservation is deepened.

Local Organizations
Locally, Save Mount Diablo belongs to a number of environmental and community organizations and collaborates with dozens of other local, regional and state wide organizations. SMD is currently a member of or working with the following:


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