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Save Mount Diablo's Partners
Allies, Associations and Friends

The protection of open space is the primary mission for Save Mount Diablo. We do not however stand alone – we are but one thread in the total fabric of the community. The other threads in the community fabric include housing, education, health care, jobs, transportation, childcare, social justice, and economic vitality. The quality of life in our community depends upon the quality of each of the threads in our community fabric – they all must be strong and appropriately linked with the other threads of the fabric.

To this end, Save Mount Diablo engages in a variety of community dialogues and coalitions.  We participate, as individuals and as an organization, in a variety of community groups and projects.  We develop relationships with elected officials, business and corporate leaders, labor unions, community leaders and organizations, as well as a wide cross section of local residents and are engaged in pertinent community issues.

Below are a few examples of projects we worked on with some of our partners as well as a list of Allies and Associations that we are involved with.  This list is not comprehensive – we are always interested in learning more and working with others to improve the quality of life in our area.

Save Our State Parks

State Park Closures
As a member of the Save Our State Parks coalition, SMD helped block Governor Schwarzenegger from closing over 200 state parks, including Mount Diablo and 46 other parks in the Bay Area in 2010. State budget cuts continue to threaten State Parks.






Helping Mt DiabloGiving Mount Diablo State Park a Helping Hand
With state budget woes, Mount Diablo State Park’s rangers have a long “wish list” of supplies and equipment. Save Mount Diablo helps out each year by donating special items—ranger jackets, a weather station, safety helmets, trimmers, a stretcher board, reflective cones, even a four wheeler one year for back country work.  Save Mount Diablo holds many events in the state park and works closely with the rangers and staff who do a great job protecting our favorite mountain, so we’re glad to help.

Eye of Diablo“Eye of Diablo” – Restoration of the Pearl Harbor Beacon at Diablo’s Summit

Each December 7 the local Pearl Harbor Survivors gather at the top of Mount Diablo to light the “Eye of Diablo,” the beacon atop the summit building, in honor of those who gave their lives. The date is also Save Mount Diablo’s birthday. SMD worked with the Pearl Harbor Survivors and State Parks to create a plan and raise funds to restore the “Eye of Diablo” so that it will shine for many years to come.Restoration was completed in 2013.

Measure WW & New East Bay Regional Park District Preserves Around Diablo
In November 2008, East Bay voters approved Measure WW, an East Bay Regional Park District bond totaling $500 million over the next 20 years for acquisition and recreational projects throughout the East Bay.  With matching and other funds from the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy, among many other projects, what this means for Mount Diablo are six brand new preserves, including ones at the Concord Naval Weapons Station, Clayton Ranch, Antioch’s Deer Valley, near Byron, in the Tri-Valley’s Doolan Canyon, and east of Livermore.

Partner Agencies & Organizations 
Bay Area Open Space Council
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust
California State East Bay Concord Campus
California State Parks
California State Parks Foundation
Coastal Conservancy
Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Department of Fish and Game
East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society
East Bay Housing Organization
EBRPD (East Bay Regional Park District)
East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy
Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed
Greenbelt Alliance
Land Trust Alliance
Muir Heritage Land Trust
MDIA (Mount Diablo Interpretive Association)
Mount Diablo State Park
Neighborhood Alliance (Concord Naval Weapons Station)
Tri-Valley Conservancy
Walnut Creek Open Space

Berkeley Garden Club

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