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Mount Diablo - Round Valley
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Preserved land on mount Diablo in 1971   2010 Parland Expansion map

Since Save Mount Diablo's founding in 1971 the preserved lands on Mount Diablo and its foothills have been increased from just over 6,788 acres in one park to over 100,000 acres and more than 40 parks. Save Mount Diablo’s area of interest is from I-680 to the west, I-580 to the south, Suisun Bay to the north and Delta to the east. Dark green indicates preserved land with public access. Light green indicates preserved land that is not yet open for public access.


Save Mount Diablo preserves, defends and restores the natural lands on Mount Diablo and its foothills for wildlife and people to enjoy. We preserve property through acquisition then restore the lands through stewardship prior to turning them over to a park system for public access. We defend lands through land use planning to ensure that habitats and land preservation are incorporated into land use plans.

Save Mount Diablo's Area of Interest includes the East Bay’s undeveloped hilly lands, watersheds and valleys north of Highway 580 and east of Hwy 680 to the Byron Highway, areas which can still be connected to the thirty-nine existing Diablo parks and preserves, or new preserves as they are developed. The organization's acquisition, land use, and policy priorities can be described as concentric rings around those parks and preserves.

The area of interest falls into one of eight distinct geographic areas of interest with eight sub-areas, as listed below along with projects. To maximize preserved land, Save Mount Diablo has developed unique preservation strategies for each of these areas.

Land Use - subdivision proposal near Shell Ridge Open Space
Acquisition- Mangini Ranch

West Side of Mount Diablo
Land Use- encroachment upon homeowner open space in Blackhawk

Marsh Creek – Morgan Territory
Acquisition- Marsh Creek Properties
Stewardship- several projects on the Marsh Creek Properties

Sub-Area: Deer Valley Road Area (Antioch-Brentwood)
Acquisition- Dry Creek
Land Use- Measure F in Brentwood, CA

Mount Diablo Creek
Acquisition- Irish Canyon
Stewardship- trails and oak restoration on Irish Canyon

Sub-area: Concord Naval Weapons Station
Land Use- Concord Naval Weapons Station
Sub-area: Mount Zion (Concord-Clayton)

Kirker Creek (Pittsburg-Nortonville)
Land Use- Pittsburg Grading Project

Sub-area: Keller Canyon Landfill (Pittsburg)
Land Use- Keller Canyon Landfill
Sub-area: Pittsburg Southwest Hills (Pittsburg)

Tassajara Hills
Land Use- Save the Tassajara Valley

Vasco - Byron Area
Land Use- Los Vaqueros Reservoir

Land Use- BART to Livermore

Sub-area: Springtown (North Livermore)
Sub-area: Las Positas (Dublin-Livermore)
Sub-area: Patterson Pass (east of Livermore)

Visit our Acquisition, Land Use and Stewardship pages to learn more about how Save Mount Diablo preserves, defends and restores land. Save Mount Diablo recently created the first map to encompass Mount Diablo and its parks with the help of wonderful volunteers and organizations.

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