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Threat to the Subdivision Map Act


A serious precedent setting decision has been approved by Contra Costa County and the Board of Supervisors that puts thousands of acres of natural lands at risk of development.  We are challenging the County’s approval of an illegal subdivision - creating four parcels from one environmentally sensitive 585-acre property next to Marsh Creek State Park’s endangered species habitat in Brentwood.  The subdivision will not only make denser development possible in a rural area but it will also set a precedent for the same all over the State.  The County’s decision violates the State's Subdivision Map Act and will allow land to be subdivided without state required review for environmental and public impacts by claiming the property was automatically subdivided by a public infrastructure project such as a pipeline.

This creates a massive loophole since a single infrastructure project can cross many properties allowing each now to be illegally subdivided for development impacting the environment and the public. 

Although we support the current use of the property in question, which is active agriculture, our concern lies with the improper action of the County approving the request for the property to become four differtent parcels without the required sub-division process.  This decision opens the door for higher density development outside of voter approved Urban Limit Lines (intended to be the publicly defined line separating urban and rural development) and completely sidesteps the Subdivion Map Act's normal approval processes to look for and mitigate environmental and public impacts from the development.  If this unheard of decision stands illegal subdivisions could occur all over the state without regard for the laws set to protect local citizens or environment. There would be no recourse.

We will keep you posted on the status of our challenge to this decision.

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