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Measure F, Brentwood, CA

Paradise ValleyDevelopers and landowners placed Measure F on the June 2010 ballot to try to break and expand Brentwood’s voter-approved Urban Limit Line (which was just approved in 2006). Brentwood residents rejected an expanded Urban Limit Line in 2005 (Measure L) and voted in 2006 for a tighter one. In June 2010, developers tried to expand the line again, at a time when there was no need for more housing.

Measure F would have allowed 1,300 new houses on 740 acres of agricultural land in Brentwood’s western hills, south of Balfour Road and between Mountain View Drive and Deer Valley Road.

It would have added 4,030 people to Brentwood, which has more than doubled in population in the past ten years, from 23,000 residents in 2000 to 51,000 in 2010. More growth means increased Brentwood_Measure Ftraffic, overcrowded schools, decreased property values, less open space and agricultural land in Brentwood.

The Measure F developers made promises with no guarantees. That’s why many Brentwood residents and groups like Save Mount Diablo opposed Measure F.

The developers spent nearly $300,000 to fool Brentwood Residents. But the residents of Brentwood and Save Mount Diablo, spending a mere $9,800 defeated Measure F, with 57% voting No - a 15 point victory. 

Read the Contra Costa Times editorial.

Read about another defeated attempt to break a voter approved Urban Limit Line, Measure W, in San Ramon's Tassajara Valley.

Brentwood's Measure F
Facebook, August 5, 2010



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