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Communication Towers

Lime Ridge TowerParadise Valley

Each new tower proposal is an opportunity. As newer towers are proposed, Save Mount Diablo urges the removal of old towers no longer in use, resulting in the consolidation and overall reduction of towers on the landscape. In 2009, Save Mount Diablo negotiated the removal of 7 old towers in exchange for the construction of two new ones, providing an overall benefit to aesthetic views while also minimizing threats to bird species.

Saving Lime Ridge’s Peak

Lime Ridge, the beautiful greenbelt between Walnut Creek and Concord, is a hot spot for biodiversity with more than 30 rare species. Unfortunately, the very peak of Lime Ridge is inaccessible and marred by a communications facility. The City of Walnut Creek is considering a proposal for a lease to allow continued commercial use of Lime Ridge’s peak.  Save Mount Diablo advocated restoration of the site and its return to the public which bought and paid for its protection.

After several years work, in October 2010 we were successful in convincing the City of Walnut Creek to block additional towers and tower sites at the peak of Lime Ridge, to phase out the towers completely at the end of one last 7-year lease period, and to restore the site. 

lime ridge map

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