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Mount Diablo - Round Valley
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Wright Canyon
The Gathering Place
Size: 76 acres
Location: Morgan Territory area, east of Mount Diablo State Park

Wright Panorama

Marsh Creek 2Wright Canyon is 76 beautiful acres backing up to the east side of Mount Diablo State Park making it an important piece in expanding and connecting protected lands on and around the mountain. The property's slopes rise from the canyon to a saddle that climbs onto private property and to North Peak. Groups of large oaks frame a 360 degree view and both peaks of the mountain are visible along with Blackhawk Ridge, Knobcone Point beyond Curry Canyon (of which the upper canyon is acquired by the State Park). The stream canyon is lined with blue oaks and bay trees. The federally listed California Red-legged frog, Alameda whipsnake and Western Pond Turtle have all been found on the property. Dorothy Wright generously preserved her property with Save Mount Diablo in 2001. Wright Canyon will eventually be transferred to Mount Diablo State Park for public access.

Honoring the Monumental History of the Wright Family
Wright Monument DedicationIn 1946, Dorothy and Martin Wright moved to Morgan Territory on Diablo’s east side, boughtproperty and re-opened Curry Creek Park. Martin passed away 50 years later and Dorothy knew that she wanted her land and her family’s history to be preserved forever. Dorothy sold her property to Save Mount Diablo with “life estate” so that she could live out the remainder of her life there.  In October 2008 we celebrated the Wright and Olofson families by dedicating a historical monument at a special spot on the property known to the family as “the Gathering Place.”

Read the full article about Wright Canyon from Diablo Watch Spring 2001. Learn more about Dorothy Wright.

Save Mount Diablo's properties are closed to the public except by guided tour. Please see our Hike Calendar for upcoming dates and opportunities.


The gathering place Ron Brown and Dorothy Wright


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