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Oak Hill
Size: 40 acres - Four 10 acre parcels
Location: Morgan Territory area, east of Mount Diablo State Park

oak hill lane panorama

oak hill laneOn the northern slope of Mount Diablo’s North Peak, Oak Hill climbs from 960 to 1,240 feet in elevation allowing for forty acres of spectacular views in all directions. Acquired in December 2010, Oak Hill is one of Save Mount Diablo's newest properties. It possesses resources including grassland, chaparral, blue and live oak woodlands, riparian vegetation, and the unique blue oak/narrowleaf goldenbush-California juniper association (which is locally rare).

Oak Hill is currently being evaluated and could support a high degree of biodiversity, including many rare species such as the Mount Diablo Fairy Lantern (Calochortus pulchellus), Mount Diablo Sunflower (Helianthella castanea), threatened Alameda whipsnake (Masticophis lateralis), threatened California red-legged frog (Rana draytonii), and Cooper’s hawk (Accipiter cooperii), a California Species of Special Concern.

The parcel is close to our Wright Canyon and Viera-North Peak properties. Near Mount Diablo State Park, once Oak Hill is restored it will fill a critical gap area between protected lands and improve species movement in the Marsh Creek-Morgan Territory area. 

Save Mount Diablo's properties are closed to the public except by guided tour. Please see our Hike Calendar for upcoming dates and opportunities.

oak hill lane oak hill lane map

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