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Mount Diablo - Round Valley
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Save Mount Diablo's Thomas Home Ranch

Marsh Creek 6, our newest acquisition and second property on a volcanic plug dome, isMarsh Creek- V and VI
located east of Clayton just downstream from three of our other properties. Like Marsh
, the first dome, Marsh Creek 6 is especially biodiverse partly because it is on a
rare volcanic dome with high silica content. Although acquired for its creek segment, the
property is rich in resources and in many other ways. Marsh Creek – VI contains a lovely,
high-quality 250 foot section of the Creek, a known habitat for the threatened California
red-legged frog, several rare plant species including Contra Costa manzanita, the endemic
Mt. Diablo Globe lily and the unusual citrus fragrant hop tree, as well as the uncommon
volcanic rock rhyodacite within its 6 acres.

Be among the first to see it!
Take a guided hike on Marsh Creek 6 on 3/25, click here for details.

Group Buys Volcanoes to Save Open Space

NBC Bay Area, February 24, 2012

For more information read our press release.

Save Mount Diablo's properties are closed to the public except by guided tour. Please see our Hike Calendar for upcoming dates and opportunities.

Caption: All properties with red have been protected by Save Mount Diablo. Properties that are solid red are crossed by Marsh Creek. By Save Mount Diablo.

Marsh Creek properties map by Save Mount Diablo

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