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Preserving land for people and wildlife.

Only half of Mount Diablo’s wild lands are preserved. The other half is at risk of being lost to development forever. We work to preserve, defend and restore the remaining natural lands for people and wildlife to enjoy.

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» Save Mount Diablo Purchases 95-acre Anderson Ranch in Morgan Territory, Ending Decades of Development Threat

» Hot off the Press: Issue 64 of Diablo Watch, Fall/Winter 2017 Edition

» Giving Thanks for Mount Diablo: New Conservation Collaboration Agreement Signed between Save Mount Diablo, Joaqin Moraga Intermediate School and Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLC for Thanksgiving 2017


» Check our Hikes & Event Calendar

» Attend the 4th Annual Mary Bowerman Science & Research Colloquium on December 14th

» Discover Diablo: North Peak Property Hike, December 17 | RSVP Here

Since Save Mount Diablo's founding in 1971, preserved open space has increased from less than 7,000 acres to over 110,000 acres in more than 40 parks. Mount Diablo is still threatened by development. That could mean the loss of wildlife corridors, ecosystems and recreational opportunities. Your support will preserve these natural lands forever to safeguard our quality of life, including the quality of our air, water and views.



Join Our Team - We're hiring!

Curry Canyon Ranch Caretaker - See Job Description
Posted December 17, 2017

We are always in need of volunteers with a wide array of skills.

Please contact us if you are interested.


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